We are now back at the church where Father waits inside the dining room for Heddwyn to return. The front door of the church opens wide to show Haider, Heather and Heddwyn all walking in together while Christopher is still strewn across Heddwyns shoulder. ”here we go, just as puuromised. Three orphan children rescued from the kidnapper ” Heddwyn said, showing his pride with another adorable Nekojin trait.

”oh, thank the gods, are any of you hurt? Wait is Christopher alive? ” Father said worryingly.

”we are fine Father. Christopher is just asleep, he got hit with a sleeping spell after he found us ” Haider said.

”oh *sigh* Im so relieved your all alright ” Father said, leaning back in his chair.

”why don you go into your room for a bit and take Christopher to his room as well please. Me and Heddwyn need to have a chat ” Father commands.

The twins nod and drag Christopher out of the room and along the floor to his bed and stay in their own room for a while. ”why don we have a talk in my office. You can tell me everything there ” Father said, suddenly becoming unnaturally serious for his personality.

”yes, lets do it. But first may I ask, where is Sister? ” Heddwyn asks.

”uh, she got dizzy thinking too hard. She worries about those kids immensely and I guess it took its toll ” Father lies.

Heddwyn trusts his instincts and he identifies that father is indeed lying, but he brushes it off and follows Father into his office and starts talking about the fight with the kidnapper.

”did everything go smoothly? ” Father inquires.

”do you see the holes in my armour? No, it didn . that woman was a complete psycho. If it wasn for the three magic healing potions I drank, I would be dead right now. ” Heddwyn bites.

”wait, woman? Wow don see women become kidnappers very often. Was she Helga crazy? Or murderer crazy? ” Father said, starting to sweat.

”murderer crazy, but she was also quite sweet too. It made no sense, one moment she was gentle and kind. The next completely erratic and mad. It was like she had multiple people in her body ” Heddwyn said, still confused by Cleos tendencies.

Like a little kid Father said ”wow, tell me. What spells did you use, was the fight intense? ”

Heddwyn proceeds to tell him every little detail of the fight that took place. How his leg and shoulder got full of holes from Cleos attack. How the explosion caused serious damage to the trees, and how Cleos malice exploded each time he tried to cast any spells.

”scary, but cool. I think I would have died if I faced her. I barely survive Helga some days. ” Father said excitedly.

”speaking of which why do you do that to Helga anyway? ” Heddwyn asked.

”it keeps life interesting. I have a crippling fear of boredom ” Father answered.

”you must be joking right? ” Heddwyn smiled.

”not at all, I believe a boring life is a life not worth dying for ” Father replied

Surprised by Fathers sudden change Heddwyn says ”was not expecting such an explanation from you of all people Father ”

”what is that supposed to mean? ” Father asked, dropping a hint of frustration in his voice.

”well according to the villagers. You
e the resident perve *giggle* ” Heddwyn laughed.

Father pouts at Heddwyn at this frustrating realisation that the whole village thinks this way about him. ”must have been Sister ” he stated.

”well, I don know about that, but you do have a reputation of being a bit forthcoming with younger women. Maybe try… not doing that from now on? ” Heddwyn Replies to Father with a little joy in his expression.

”I will do it if you think that will help improve my reputation at least ” said Father with a huff.

”should do. However, youve been doing this kind of stuff your whole life so it may be a hard habit to break ” Heddwyn replied.

A few hours later, Heddwyn walks out of Fathers office to find Helga opening the pantry in the kitchen. ”everything ok Helga? ” Heddwyn asks. Sister slowly turns around to meet his gaze. ”ugh, why does your skin look like that? ” Heddwyn gasps in disgust.

”I hope that you don think this is TB, this is just what I look like when I wake up ” Sister said with a gravel and sleepiness to her voice.

”oh, well that was a shock and a half ” Heddwyn said wiping sweat off his forehead.

”Im just getting my makeup and some Halfty ” Sister said wiping her eyes.

”caffeine? Nice, can you pour me a cup? Wait why do you keep makeup in the pantry? ” Heddwyn asks.

”oh, Heather has a tendency to mess up my makeup pallets by mixing them together, so I hide them in here. One of the only places they are not allowed to go without permission. ” Helga explains.

”ah, smart ” Heddwyn said, having no idea what she means.

”go take a seat right there, thats the only unassigned seat here. Ill bring you a hot cup of Halfty once I put on my makeup. Do you want milk and sugar? ” Sister says with a smile.

”milk, no sugar ” Heddwyn says, sitting down on the only chair without a name carved into it.

After waiting fifteen minutes Sister comes from the kitchen carrying 2 cups of Halfty and hands one out to Heddwyn and sits in her assigned seat next to Heddwyn.

”ah thank you ” Heddwyn accepts the cup from Helga graciously.

e looking much better. I usually would say you don need it, but I couldn stop myself. You look allot better when refreshed and styled ” Heddwyn says embarrassed by himself.

”no offence taken; I know how frightening my morning face looks. I definitely look way better when Ive woken up a bit ” Sister replies.

The two chat away for a while sipping their caffeinated drinks as the other talks. In comes the twins from their room heading straight towards Heddwyn to thank him for saving them.

”sorry we didn say earlier but ” says Haider. In unison Heather and Haider synchronised saying. ”thank you ” This catches the Nekojin off guard and he starts a low and melodic purr. This triggered a response of childlike adoration to strew across everyones faces.

Heddwyn quickly looks around at everyone and blushes, still purring.

”aww ” everyone present says in unison. This causes Heddwyn to cover his face in embarrassment.

”what am I missing? Did something cute happen? ” Father said from his office.

”yes, get in here Father you need to see how cute Heddwyn is when hes happy! ” Sister yelps. This causes Heddwyns tail to swerve from side to side.

Father comes running in from the office ”ah my back! ” he yells as he collapses to the floor. He moves his head up to look at Heddwyn. ”awe! How cute ” he screeches.

(narrator) oh my god how more can this Nekojin be? His ears are twitching now!

”can you all stop admiring me? This is so embarrassing, I can control these reactions ” Heddwyn asks, still purring, blushing, swerving and twitching.

”ok, ok. Everyone, calm down, hes helped us so much we should respect his boundaries ” Sister said, calming her excitement over the kitty.

As soon as everyone stopped staring at him Heddwyn says ”thank you ” he looks at the twins ”it was my pleasure, saving people was my part of my old job ” he says with a smile so wide you could see his two long pointy teeth on the top row of teeth.

”as promised, you are welcome here anytime you like. Im sure you will love spending time here, seeing as your retired of course ” Helga States.

”we get to see more of… Heddwine? ” Heather said.

”its Heddwyn. As in head-win. And yes, you will see much more of me Im sure ” Heddwyn says sipping his Halfty.

”yay more pretty kitty! ” she yells with jumping joy.

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