3 days later…

Meghan woke up with a jump when she felt cold water splash her skin. Her body ached, pain shooting up and down. She felt like the bones in her body has been taken out, moved around and put back in.

Not giving the time to access what just happened, she where been jerked up by two guards with her arms and dragged out.

Only then she were dropped like a sack on the floor, did she realize where she is in. Her fathers study. She winced, a light of pain shot as her injured knee that crushed to the concrete floor.

She tried to shuffle and stand, but it was too excruciating. Peering down her hand, it were bruised and covered in cold congealed blood.

”Why are you doing this? ” She demanded. She didn think he would answer. She asked only to inquire why he kept her, instead of leaving her to die peacefully in the cell without no food or water. It was Alina who sneaked every night to give her food and water, enough to hold her stomach till the next evening.

But to her surprise, he seemed to think deeply about her question.

”I don know, ” He finally said. ”You
e different. ”

She looked away. She knew she was different. Aside from having powers, she was a strange being. An elf mermaid and a witch. ”Am cursed. ” She countered. ”And you need me for your useless plan! ”

He nodded, maneuvering back and forth. ”I begin to think you
e right. I could do worse than lock you in a mere cell. ” Then he smiled. ”Don be afraid, I will not hurt you. ”

”But you have! ” She shot back. ”Why won you let me go if am a burden to you. And where did you keep my son! ”

e not a burden to me. You might be to the world, not to me. ” He said. ”But you are my property. ” He added firmly.

She grimaced. ”I am no property to anyone. ” Then he blocked the door with his back facing her. While he poured wine into his cup.

”What do you want from me? ” She asked.

He smiled, turned and faced her. And this time, his gaze were serious. ”I have given you enough time to make up the decision I choose, but you made to escape… ” His eyes steadied on Meghan. ”But this time, its a change of plan then. ” He took a sip.

She stared at him, confused. ”Change of plan? ”

He nodded. ”Yes, you heard me right. And this time, you have your freedom. I don need you anymore. You can leave, faraway from anybody or anyplace. ”

She was still confused. Did he just say… freedom? Not after few years of trying, he spoke about her freedom. As if he thought about that, he smiled.

His eyes remained on her. ”…. but not with your son. I need him, he stays. ”

Her mouth dropped and for a moment, she felt her heart dropped to the floor. Panic rose in her chest as she watched him strode to his desk.

”W-whatever do you mean? ” She stuttered.

He retreated his steps, his eyes remained grave. ”I cannot have you leave without something in return. ”

She reared back in anger. ”How dare you! ” She tried to stand but the pain increased and she fell.

He folded his arms to his chest and huffed. ”You should never forget your manners Meghan. Female can never dare a man especially when he is called a MAN. ” he smirked.

He heart kept drumming, that she assumed she was shaking. ”Let the poor boy out of this, Ruai. You can do this. ”

He raised a brow. ”I can ? ” He repeated. ”I will teach your son the ways of an emperor, how to build an empire, lure him to the lessons of harems and concubines. Lecture him the reigns of wrath, guide him for no mercy, makes him slaughter his opponent with confident. He will be a great swordsmanship, skilled, respected, and adored by fearer sexes. He will taste the heavenly honey in them, suck out their virginities in pleasure. Should I tell you all I can do? ”

Gasp greeted his words, her breath slowly departing from her nostrils. Her chest weighed like she carried thousands of huge rocks and her head filled with anxiety.

His look was pensive, but his eyes seemed to burn.

”You… you won do such… thing. ” She feared, in shock and panic.

”That I will, and trust me when I say I will. ” droned confidence in his voice, that brought a great return of her fears and his swift decision.

She shook her head, her heart beating so loud that it echoed in her mind. ”I will get married. I will do whatever you want me to do, but don touch my son! ” She cried, knowing that was her only weakness.

He smirked and she was momentarily struck in silent how evil scraped his face. Normally, he would smile or get angry perhaps smirk at anyone who plagued him, but this moment, he looked different. Fierce, torment, hard. More… Evil! And again she was startled how appealing her vulnerability made him.

”Your son will do good. You see… ”

”I said I will get married, alright! ” She snapped.

He stared hard at her. ”Decide quickly. Is this want you want. ”

She frowned and tried to stand. She held his desk for support and brought her face closer. ”What I want doesn matter, does it. ” She said.

He shrug his left shoulder. ”Perhaps. ”

”I will get married to whosoever, but stay far… far away from.my.son. ” She warned firmly.

He released a short laugh. The look in his eyes were victory and then he smiled triumphantly.

”Can I even greet my son? ” he joked.

Her face darkened. ”Don ! ” She stressed firmly.

He shrugged. ”That fine… but this calls for celebration! ” Then he looked at her injured leg.

”It might be infected by now. I will send the physician to you right away. ” He said.

She rolled her eyes. ”The only thing I need right now, is to see all those guards locked up till I am satisfied. ” She requested.

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